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“My goal is simple, to help you become strong and confident in your body and mind with my tailored fitness programs and recipe books.” – Bianca


Check out SBB gal @gabyb.fitness getting an upper body strength session in 💪

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Not every day has to be hustle and bustle 😮‍💨

Take a day to reconnect with yourself, have a break from your tech screens, journal, hydrate, move lightly, stretch, roll, DANCE.

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Save this for your next upper body day 🏷
➡️ Barbell bench press 6x8
➡️ Dumbbell bench press 6x8
➡️ Dumbbell rear delt flys 6x8
➡️ Finisher: Heavy weighted sit ups x20

Enjoy 👏
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3 exercises to target your glutes 🎯

🍑 Banded squats
🍑 Dumbbell sumo squats
🍑 Barbell hip thrusts

➡️ Save this for your next glute day
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with @gabyb.fitness Save this workout for your next lower body gym sesh!

Superset 1:
- Landmine sumo squats x 8 reps
- Landmine sumo RDLs x 8 reps
For 4 sets

Superset 2:
- Banded DB squats x 8 reps
- Banded reverse lunges x 8 reps
For 4 sets

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Let’s talk FOOD 🙌

At SBB we truly believe it is important to find balance in your nutrition. Nourish your body but don’t let the concept of ‘clean eating’ take over your life. Life really is too short to say no to things that make you happy like baking that cake or indulging in your favourite chocolate.

We believe your eating habits should come from a place of self-care NOT self-control. Learning the true beauty of balance and nourishing your body with natural foods 🍏🥑🍳🥗 but also knowing and happily enjoying ALL foods in moderation 🍟🍰🍩

We should be striving to change the dialog from eating to control our body size and weight to eating for nourishment, performance and happiness!

➡️ Check out the SBB cookbooks for DELICIOUS and SIMPLE recipes 🤤 www.strongerbyb.com

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SBB babe @gabyb_fit getting it done with a upper body Build workout 💪❤️‍🔥 #getitgirl #strongerbyb ...

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Good luck 🖤
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Stronger together 🖤

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Get ready with @shakuntalamary for her morning workout 🤍


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Eat more plants 🥑
Drink more water 💧
Workout more often 💪
Compare yourself less 🙅🏻‍♀️
Accomplish your goals ✔️
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Bracing the core with SBB trainer @xb.farron

Bracing the core throughout exercises is extremely important for multiple reasons, it protects and eliminates pressure on the spine and sets you up with the correct posture to be able to perform movements correctly.

As Blaize demonstrates, rather than ‘sucking in’ and elongating the body with a chest full of air ❌ We want to draw in a breathe and think about squeezing that breathe into our spine and tucking our chest down towards the pelvis as if there were a small rope pulling you in tight ✅

#strongerbyb #breathingtechniques

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Mindsets, habits and routines.
They will either make us or break us.
➡️ Be more mindful of your thoughts 🧠
❌ No more negative self talk
➡️ Be more mindful of your habits 👀
❌ No more doing things that are not benefiting you
➡️ Be more mindful of your routines 📝
❌ No more wasting time

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