(Formerly known as ‘Shred’)

SWEAT is an eight-week challenge that can be completed at home with zero equipment or in the gym with a basic gym set up. SWEAT is designed to burn body fat, improve your cardiovascular fitness and better your mood! 

This program is a digital download full of custom workouts that can be scheduled into your personal routine in a flexible and sustainable way. You have a total of 3 full body workouts to complete each week ranging anywhere between 20 to 40 minutes depending on the workout and the intensity you chose to complete them at!

All exercises include video demonstrations.


Consider this the busy person program with loads of full-body workouts that are designed to be fast-paced and straight to the point. This program allows you to enjoy exercise anywhere. Because you choose the intensity and pace you want to complete each workout, this program can suit a beginner starting out on their fitness journey all the way through to someone who is already an avid fitness junkie.

If your goal is to get a sweat up, improve your fitness and burn some body fat then the SWEAT program is the right choice for you.



This program has equipment free options and gym options. 

You can complete this program with ZERO equipment or with a basic gym set up.



Once you’ve purchased the program you will receive a confirmation email and a digital download email (if you can’t see this email maybe check your junk mail). To access your program, click the digital download link and save it to your device (I suggest opening with Adobe Acrobat Reader or iBooks). Make sure you save your program onto your device so you can keep it forever as your digital download link WILL EXPIRE!


You do not have the authority to redistribute this program.

Always get your doctor’s approval before starting any fitness program.


All purchases for digital downloads made on www.strongerbyb.com are non-refundable or exchangeable. Due to the intangibility of the product (digital download), we cannot accept any request for refunds after your purchase has been made. In the case where an error has occurred with your download please contact us via strongerbyb@gmail.com to discuss a resolution.


1 review for SWEAT

  1. Lily

    Loved this program! Was entirely new to fitness when I started with B and Sweat was the perfect choice! Bianca has done an incredible job curating every workout with such attention to detail. Progress weeks are a great idea too!! Always made me want to come back the next day!

    Workouts are of course very challenging but the best part of this program, and all of B’s work, is how much it can boost your confidence!! I am so pleased that after doing this program a few times, I have lost over 10kgs! Most importantly though – I feel so much more confident in myself and in the gym! Cannot recommend this program enough!!!!

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